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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  October 19, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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and about southbound at the west end of the innerthb belt bridge. they will be putting up lights in the left no hassle for your wednesday morning commut the toronto blue jays. for another another day. in that a ocs.s. they won't be holding on much longer.r.t today they play another game. good at morning everyone they
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were talking to them after the game and they say you know whatt they played better yesterday they know all they have to do today is when.ow as for the fans they scored more runs than us.ore that was the first austin 20 days will use the rookie at the amountl that going to the world
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they're having their ceremony and everything. it will be on fire. will procure is on one cavaliers playing is another night. that would be the biggest next in sports history. it's so true.hi
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as they face more questions about the e-mail. they're going to face off with third and final time.e. let's check in with stacy fry is here with what we can expectere
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watch it live right here. the latest fox ball.l they say they have the temperament to serve asl
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35 percent fish he does. sixty-one percent say he does
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the pickup truck and bainbridgei relatives weren injured the schools fall festival went on as planned but had a different focus.s. >> we change this to the word to gathering. >> this a gatheringe for a lovd one that will be lost in our hearts for very long time.ll they crushed in june apartment building on an approach last
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was survivable for most of the victims but they quickly spreading fate after he made it impossible for them to be saved.
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he called the city in the constructione that there was td that they will be fixing the problem.ld newly released video that doesn't offer any answers talk more about that in the rain
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bit. they you, scott good morning breath sky fox and will keep you updated for your morning commute will give you the details in
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it shows of 37 -year-old annually getting out of his truck and trying to attacked the drivernnu away and later found out that he was found dead on the side of the road is close look this is not been determined his relatives that he was deaf and they have no idea what happened. today for us have been found him dead more than 250 feet below thean surface of the dangerousa
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been compared to mount everest. there have been repeated calls has a lot of students in the dark this morning both sides had a five van deadlines but tax st apart. it involves more than 5,000 across pennsylvania they are not effective. about 105,000 students are affected by this is a lot of confusion iftu classes will stil be held at those schools about financial aid and sports events as well. select rise and shine northeast ohio. state with us an update on
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relatives of high school students who were killed 14 years ago get something amazing in the mail. see what it says coming out. an emotional introduction hear from emergency workers who gotti to meet the baby they help to
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82 it looks good out very light volume at this intersection is we did see more
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hurts typical large force of merging delays. we begin to dry out and is and look at the maps the clearing has should be a pretty nice sunrise but the cold front stain south light northeast went today and will continue to keep us in the middle and upper 60s along the shoreline in generally lower and middle 70s for the south.rel if you live in vermont to stay on 68 in new philly andphi mansfield and millersburgurg generally around 72-74 degrees rain tonight with showers redeveloping tonightrai watch te
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not only become widespread tomorrow but they will be steady at timeswii for the family to treasure anr incredible story overall it wasn'te any know who is a letter that this young boy he wrote to his future selfth the teacher collected the letters and he had promisedhes to send them back c
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sumack mil today's waiting for the letterto the anticipation was ss high. wondering what did sayay it was for pages handwritten fall of his innermost send jamesages evv picked out his, i mean, for his future daughter for theenked ter found out that he had been murdered in 2002 she turned to face put to find his relatives.i teacher found themv so grateful saying pit and was telling them it's okay and he is still with them.t >> i've never felt his presence last 14 years be ib felte like he was citing sitting right next to me as she was reading this letter.e he mentionedt in ten years will probably have a black vice president.t. or maybe a woman will run for president.
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move the most by just how optimistic his letters he was m killed in a drive-by shooting the shooter has never been found and you talk about somebody who had hopes and dreams.e this boy back 14 years ago wasam talking about the school things he wanted to do with his life taken too soon. as they mentioned it does giveo them somee sense of peace of mid that they haven't felt as close no space of the teacher to keep those and send them back to the family. >> he has his own to three months warriors coming yours
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that's her favorite out there. i love toavo ask.s i like the left side so much better.kki someone said allman joys.
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what.ll what's your favorite candy. we're talking about it today. >> that's my stance on this alll the candy is just candy because you can buyl all year round. here are the ways you get all hold of us. an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> a newborn babyaff caused a to
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what happened when they caps off formal introduction.r we will announce the winning school tomorrow and feature them next week on fox 8 news in the
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welcome back. a truly rewarding experience for some emts they are formally
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helpy to deliver a utah interstate. it ended as his story they will never forget. operate mckay explains. >> for everyone. during one of the worst traffic jams in utah history shane her husband got stuck in gridlock traffic on the way to the hospital they could see the exit they need to pit the emergency lanes are blocked.lo they called 911fo they happened to be nearby stack and the traffic jam themselves. the makey very, very, quickly t me out of the car they barely made it into the ambulance before the bundle of joy made her entrance pitches so grateful for all of their help which is why she andch some of her family stop by to introduce that baby
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my mom i think guysal f take tus holding the bundle of joy it they gave her a bundle of giftse boxes diapers as for that baby girl mom and baby are doing great.t. she can't wait to tell the girls that help make her fears
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many terrible things so be able to enjoy something like that is a joy. for more information on this ani others jobs click the jobs tab t back in two minutes. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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good morning. welcome back. slowly i think.
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the rainy day tomorrow. upper 40s middle and upper 50s we pretty much keep it below normal next week. and lower 40s below 40 at0 night. how are you this morning. i'm great how are we're doing a little history. a couple of different subject
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was trademarked in 1958. was it catered todd french fries or for six. fr what name. i'm going to go with pop tarts.r >> to think that i was thinkingt about that's ceric the correct answer is.s it taught.. >> in this general ballpark.
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them up. ever do that in the cookies toto him he not all of them. the $25 gift. ticket and for tickets to see the illusionist much. you too. your time this morning is 654. it's time to kick it with kenny crumpton.on good at morning youtube crazy wacky wacky kids.s.go
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hand-dipped, with real milk is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and spit out a glop into my glass. and do you know what it was made of? artificial turf? what? no! powder! at? powder! chowder. get half-price fall milkshakes between 2:00 and 5:00 during happy hour.
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their way into the world series does not mean they won't get there, but they didn't minutes ago. we may have another chance to make it through the fall classes because they play again today at 408. we are live in progressive field to preview today's game with more on how you can get your hand on world series games and tickets. tickets. you can get them if you are on the user's website everyone is so excited to be part of such a wonderful time right now.y , weakdayoseu letu about the picture coming out
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this team they will do whatever they have done. three weeks ag in the instructional league this afternoon you will start in the biggest game of his career knon to be oppressive on aggressive on the mound. they say he is ready to go.a >> the hard-nosed. >> a little bit about giving him a chance to digest the game ist think he is alright i think
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present with the storm. people are pretty excited around your people are screaming go tribe's great time to be here in cleveland. >> the playoff game is not the only thing he will be watchingg> hours away from the third and final presidential debate morning until his death i just lost a huge republican donor was chosen to endorse herdo billionaire mark cuban an outspoken supporter of trump and the mother of a benghazi spectrum and victim and
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sure to come up clinton's hacked e-mails with the internet backslash out of respect for the usus election and seven true donald trump is doubling down samevel the race is rigged for perpetrating a conspiracy theor calling it an impressive is that it.s >>s voter from it is very, very common. >> mode way of weakening america and making it was greatam is tht if used are betraying those basicg american traditions i had been bipartisan hoping to hold togetheree this democracy now fr
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handshakes between families tonight as they enter the debate hallte this is reportedly requested by the clinton campaign and before an election is even taken placere they said since 2,000 and there have been 31 instances of four fraud thirty-onene out of a billion or 16 years of very small percentage there they were found in the world: color is this? >> charges could be filed as good as it stays a 15 -year-old shot and killed during a robbery family members were at the
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department yesterday talking about what the case with police andwi prosecutors he died whilea holding his uncle restaurant's name has not yet been released. 7:07 a.m. is your time. coming up next ?- trump plans. who is behind the new film because behind the presidential nominee inin the film. >> plus the final state tenor of his presidency your hear what he and his entire primary ministry is saying about his relationship with foreign countries. >> temperatures will fall a couple of clippers the person jump back up to high 60 near 70 more rain developing the weekend forecast in just a few minutes.
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in the nation in her care for 22 years in a row n access the numr one care in ohio anytime,
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>> while come back to the big show over. turkish police shot and kill a suspected isis suicide bomber believed to be running in the topve scores of explosives were found in the suspect's home. this is 29
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coming as they come from isis controley controversial filmmaker releasing more information on donald trump today. he revealed michael moore in trump plans. it was partially filtering a one-man one-dimensional right here inrl ohio to claims which i to shut it done it will be shown and will be available to buyowen itunes later today. >> jerry seinfeld singer frank ocean and auto racing legend mario andretti the four course meal was prepared by chef mario petroleum pop rocker gwen
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upcomingc election as well as relations between the new nations to newl two nations. >> win against then again sunday seller presidential canga campan can see wild i think this is the real relation between the united states of amera >> this is the first state visit by the italian prime prime minister 20 years on mark's visit is all caps on was 13 state dinnervi over the presidency.e thirteen minutes after 7:00 o'clocken good morni not good news if you are coming in from cleveland from that you
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90 westbound the right lane blockeds the toe truck is when you're trying to get this video vehicle upright so far no luck and traffic is backed up all the way to east 305 along route to if you're trying to get him from east on for these 222nd police have the p entrance ramp blocked but once again quite the backup
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so-called file we stole it all just to the south of columbus it starts to lift our look as are very powerfulft area slowly carg
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tomorrow you fall into t 5 barely make it out it will be breezy we do need raine temperatures running so well above normal one of the warmest falls on record and we are highlighting the rainfall will be a bithi and then the
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keep it normal for the weekend what most of the heat staying out to the west friday partly sunny in late morning showers 52484 the high on saturday. thirty-four overnight lows sunday and monday next chance of rain will be until late next week. thisunre is the early 60s australia we had a stretch like this. st 7:16 a.m. is your timt is time to a check in and see hw your comments are concerned i meant to say i love coconuts but i love communists came out earlier that is what happened so
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apparently ohio and's favorite halloween candy is looking way. i don't know why. the top over all across the country is reese's cups. that is what most people like.t the most states have a favorite i candy corn. andfa our producer producers are not used to buy the candy corn
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like always the one last in the vending machinene like if he wet through and him them have anything. and in south dakota laffey taffy is our favoritet. >> that is is there has been a don't think it's anything vindictive of them andct you taught us nerds what s your favorite halloween candy
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can have your little one featured some as a picture we pick your little one we will send you the stork report one seeing as well. we will be
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good morning, everyone we we're at lewis elementary we have some up and coming chef
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program. what is tremendous is a lot of these kids go on to be chess champions. chest champions. we currently have the fourth grade state chess champion right here and she has done really well. a lot of the kids start this program as you can see tony dunlap is here. he is teaching them how to visualizere the board. their mascot. you can go on to see four. you can't make it to see three though. i am impressed. tell us about the
7:24 am
while upgrades are we looking at herre work grades? we are lookg at cater for it. already learning visualization skills let's see another example. >> , you had your hand up a here we go. put your mask how many moves to you make without making a mistake of going to going to call you for.
7:25 am
gives us a tour of the kids over there tell us about the program it has been very successful.ut >> yes, here at lewis elementary we started this program last year. this is our second year in that first year of competition, they had to my make came in first place k-6 he y championship last year talk about that. we are talking about a greatw test program here doing it for a bigro trophy here at clevelandp state university you. we will look and see howni they get themselvesee ready to maybe when another first-place trophy. >> we go back to you case in the
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this is my favorite color scheme they had during the rnc and it is beautiful now we are cheering on our indians lights come on. we will light up the lightsu tonight in toronto two. 7:29 a.m. is your time myn name is wayne dawson. >> my name is natalie i am in for christie's you will be back friday from maternity leave. >> good morning. sixty-two is our current temperature here at have hot spots falling into the 60s we will clear out and then eventually increase the cloud cover later onarar today. only northeast wd is the big element today. we will have nearly as much wind as we did yesterday with wind gusts
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today still above normal with temperatures ranging mid and upper 60s to the north will for 70 south of akron and canton the range will be with us again this afternoon as weu look ahead tonight, rain will we develop coming at us from the southwest this will continue to work through northern ohio working with wide spread rainfall especially early in the morning continuing through most of the day thursday with a high of 62.o we mentioned low 60s tomorrow friday 50s upper 40s and saturday. traffic time with
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eastbound 200> it is being haulu away from the sure way accident. what does this look like for you? ninety is backed up to route to backed up to east 305. it has been a slow ride from the east side. west centers, don't worry you are involved in a mess as well. we have an accident upon the inner belte you can see they are behind the barrels stole there that is a bit of good news. actually know accident lanes are blocked but you have a slowdown coming in from 90 and 71 the big news is the accident has been cleared alongac cleared away and it stil remains out here in the morningi the top story this morning the toronto blue jays hold onhi for another day after beating the
7:32 am
won't be holding on for a long l today they play another game. we are live at progressive field with more how the players and cleveland fans are feeling about it today. theood morning, everyone guys are feeling okay about it. they say they are not worried they say toronto played better than they did yesterday, but it was justtt will focus on today's game winning today. as for the fans, of course they are not giving up either some are little disappointed. >> they scored more runs the mouse i think they get cocky a little bit. >> in the end of our lineup we'veen got to do better than >> the indians salty the blue jays tuesday's first loss in 20 days first loss in the
7:33 am
world series trip and many years. only 11 major league innings to his credit. l gamete is set for 408 cleveland fans are ready because we know if we wind today we're going to the world series icing on the cakee' with seven could get the cleveland cavaliers brings and the world series the same night the indians playing for the will be on fire the city will literally explode. >> yes it will. >> if you are special registered user it you can get a registered special world series tickets today if we went today we're in the world series if we don't we win we have seen when one of the next three games but this is whatis is interesting the entry
7:34 am
that never last four crossed for games and aroundve they were the only team that did not we're in the world series am calling at now. >> we are there. we are up three ?- one. we've got fast. from the first pitch to the final help make sure you stay withay fox eight for the complee coverage of the indians rallying to gatherer just by logging onet my as a thd and final presidential debate face-off. >> fireworks i would guess
7:35 am
out donald trump on the basiso insistence the election is region the president told him to stop he whining. another batch recently dropped by wikileaks. the nominees i engaging in a bit of psychological combat with their invitations clinton inviting make whitman the former hewlett-packard ceo top clinton and also billionaire mark cuban moammar qaddafi is one of his best friends as well as the mother of a benghazi victorville has accused clinton of murdering her son clinton continues to blame the media for riggingme the election against m >> they have rigged it from the
7:36 am
false stories most recently about phony allegationss i have been under constant attack. >> i am never i've never seen in my lifetime or modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process e before votes have even taken place. >> the t presidential debate is tonight at 9:00 o'clock. you can watch it here live on fox eight. in the latest fox poll 69 percent to more voters say clinton as the chance 37 percent think she doesn't 61 percent believe he does not have the temperament to be president. thank you very much. >> your time this morning is
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reign supreme foxing is in the morning breaking down the best selling halloween candy. todd has your response to this when we come back.
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>> wayne likes these two. >> talking about the favorite halloween candy in the state's milky way bars. now all caps remember those? >> a lot of people of those. >> and i don't know what this is. many kick cap especially cap cap especially around, meet notal a fan of the regular size oncef smarties i've not heard of those in all somebody whom i am joined enjoy here. the bestt halloween treat a bit of honey and tootsie roll could snow hard to pick them out
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broken heart. the reason to tabloids are apologizing to tom hanks and his wife this morningn >> first you are taking a live look outside your weather and
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sharing the music of the legendary man in black johnny cash y rock 'n roll hall of fame being inducted in 92. train of love they are touring all over the country you can check it out here t with the music masters segment here at playhouse square 730 october 21. we will hear more from thierry we got the
7:48 am
develops late tonight we will get widespread accumulation over a half an inch three quarters f an inch to a half an inch tomorrows lots of clouds this weekend early especially saturday with a high of only 48 it will be a windy cold day saturday and sunday looking a the upper 50s as we start the beginning of next week. traffic time with patty. >> getting onto i 90 this
7:49 am
inner belt bridge. with the slowdowns the accident happening because behind the barrels it is not lacking any accidents claim kenny crumpton let's just say he is not a chessmaster. >> not that i am aware of at least. i'm not sure i want to go ahead and go on record am not a chessmaster. any of these young students to be me and laugh while they do it. t they are loving chest. when we come back, we will see how hopefully they will do it yet
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cleveland is the city of champions once again talking about chess championship kate to three reserve first place team look at that i am just encouraging and coaching them. a great school system with the family structure >> that is excellent we are going to come over here with
7:53 am
these areasode now we are we're over your actually playing correct? >> yes we are playing. >> what is the next work? >> what do you think it should be? and what will we put there? >> i will let you think about it okay? >> all right, so own level of strategy correct what do you see? what are some of the common strategies you see? >> the common strategies being able to put the concept that in order to win, the pieces have to work together. usually people have to work together. they
7:54 am
teams. >> o and what is our net move after your next move after that? o o >> maybe going to be three. >> so you are thinking two months ahead? i like it. she's thinking tumors i ahead i like thatsh okay. your first move, then she is going to do what do you think? you give yourself two options if you use your first option, what do you think she is going to do? >> i was just thinking right now they will take see two and that isan checking back that came.
7:55 am
>> emanate my mother of the queen to be. >> to block? are set it up? >> i think actually i i think te queen should move to eat to so than if the night takes the queen in the queen can take the night. >> how old are you? >> nine. >> nine years old i have no clue what she just saidouou she's tag twos to three months but i'm pretty congratulations. back, lots more to show you cash is nine and just dropped the micro phone on me. i was going to ask did you get that? >> they are awesome. what a great thing. fox eight has your only local news weather and traffic until 10:00 a.m. coming up at the top of the hour just? >> the postseason winning streak has come to an end but we have anothere chance to win today.
7:56 am
indians will win the world series? i take a look at that . >> the third and final presidential debate is tonight and already thel candidates are antagonizing each other with a guest list. i will explain. >> a state-by-state breakdown of your favorite halloween candy. what do ohioans like to eat? what is your favorite candy as we get closer to a the big day? >> we are starting to fall into the 50s. canton at 50 a partly cloudy mostly clear willoughby at 62. rain redevelop's. one well that occur we talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. >> also coming up on fox eightw news in the morning a great seasonal recipe box this morning where we make butternut squash mac and cheese and i can't wait
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the 30th anniversary of the 86 cleveland browns where you can meetet some of the originals
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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio wonderful wednesday morning in the city
8:00 am
very much for joining us. >> good morning, everyone it is 8:00 o'clock. it o'clock. you know where your children are? >> it awesomeness show is flying by it is 8:00 o'clock s. 8:00 o'clock. good morning i am stephanie schaefer you hear things differently at that maybe today here at things wrong? i was letting it go rightat by mew when you put up since 130 in the morning everything goes right by let's check in with scott it's like november 9 or something here we go. fifty-seven and painesville


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